Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

History of Fried Rice

Its history ... this:

Fried rice (Hanzi:??) (Read: chao fan) is an important component of traditional cuisine Chinese, according to historical records already existed since 4000 BC. Fried rice and then spread to Southeast Asia brought by nomads Sino-resident foreigners settled there and created a local typical fried rice which is based on the difference in the spices and how to fry.
Fried rice actually comes from several properties in culture
Chinese, who does not like cold food tasting and also remove the remaining food a few days earlier. Hence, the cold rice and then fried to be served back at the table. Table of contents 
Indonesian cuisine
Fried rice is also known as a typical Indonesian dishes. There are various types of fried rice recipes but the main element is rice, cooking oil, sweet soy sauce. In addition, many other extra that can be entered, ranging from vegetables, meat, until the chili, sauces, crackers and fried eggs. Crackers and fried rice with egg commonly found in Indonesia
Fried rice in Indonesia and in other countries can have their own variations depending on the areas of origin and ingredients or materials used. This variation is usually influenced by food ingredients commonly used by local communities and the influence of herb seasoning from neighboring countries, foreign ethnic or cultural influences innate came to my country. Several variations of the famous fried rice Indonesias include the following:
* Salted fish fried rice: Using salted fish, one of the variations that are known in Indonesia. 

* Java Fried Rice: Fried rice is usually flavored with chili grind that makes it spicy. Ordinary vegetables like    bean sprouts are also used for this fried rice. 

* Fried goat: Using a meat goat that has a distinctive aroma. 

* Pattaya Fried Rice (Thai): Fried rice is wrapped with omelet. 

* White Fried Rice: Fried rice is to use soy sauce as a marinade so the color is whitish. 

* Fukien fried rice (or Fujian): (not originating from Fujian) was the fried rice that comes from the Canton area, usually served with sauce on top. 

* Singapore Fried Rice: Not coming from Singapore, this is a cuisine from the Canton area with yellow curry seasoning. 

* Fried Rice Yangchow (or Yangzhou): (also called special fried rice) - although it is called "Yangzhou", fried rice is actually not from the Yangzhou area. Regular served with shrimp and roast beef. Other special fried rice which is famous for fried rice with egg. 

* Yuanyang Fried Rice: Fried rice served with two sauces. White sauce first and the second is red. Sometimes the sauce was served in the emblem or symbol of Yin Yang Taichi. 

* Fried Rice Arabian Black Seed (not from the Arabs but a lot of Indonesian special creations using native spices Arabs as part of the main ingredients). Generally using goat meat and use a lot of cumin and herb / efficacious for a good plant health. 

* Ashita Japanese Fried Rice (not from Japan but the creation of unique Indonesia). Japanese fried rice called for wearing Ashitaba originating from Japan. Ashitaba is the kind of medical herb vegetables are very popular in Japan. The use of these materials causes a unique look fried green leaf. Additional mixtures usually bacon, pickled pineapple, chips and fried egg belinjo. 

* Fried Rice Number of species variation that can be found in this country is an expression of creativity of the people of Indonesia in concocting creations with different types of culinary taste